The quality of our projects, our pride.

Geoscience compilations have been made through the world:

► Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Eritrea, Guinea, Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Iceland, Viet Nam, United States, Nevada (Battle Mountain) and California (Mariposa District).

► more than 33 years experience at the national and international level.

► Since 1985 we have worked for over 200 customers in the Americas, in Africa and Europe.

More recently we realized many geoscience compilations in strategic camps with the following examples:


  • Panama, Bolivia, Argentina, Equador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru – 1990 to 2017

    – Planning and supervision of surface and underground exploration programs with QA – QC Protocol followed by the technical work and assessment reports, NI 43-101 for several companies such as; Dynacor Gold Mines, Cambior, Cambiex, Alexandria Minerals, Placer Dome, Hebron Fjord and Sunset Cove.

  • Europe – 2002 to 2003

    – Drill Program Supervision and Property Evaluation for C2C Rio Narcea in Spain and Portugal.

  • West Africa (Based out of London, United Kingdom.) – 1993 to 2008

    – Evaluation of mining properties in Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea and Ghana for Placer International Exploration (2008), Placer Outokumpu Exploration Ltd., SEMAFO and Castle Peak Mining.

  • East and South Africa - September 1994

    – Evaluation of mining properties in Tanzania, Mozambic, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea for Placer Outokumpu Exploration Ltd., Pangea Goldfields, Resources KWG Inc. and EAG Inc.

  • North Africa - November 1992 to April 1993

    – Geoscientific compilation for Algeria. Compilation of the Anti-Atlas in Morocco, in north-western Africa (180 km2) at the scale of 1:100 000. A detailed report of the Guemassa area (Douar El Ajar VMS deposit) was also completed. Ref. Mr. Garth Wilson, Placer Outokumpu Ltd., London.

  • United Arab Emirates - June 1994

    – Off-shore and on-shore oil and gas property evaluations. Geoscientific compilations in order to define potential prospective areas for chromite within the ophiolite belt of Semail.

  • Argentina - April-May 1991

    – Mission in the WNW Andes to evaluate properties for potential gold and base metal deposits: the Cerro Castillo Gold deposit, the Baja de Alumbrera Porphyry Copper deposit, the Farallon Negro Epithermal Gold-Manganese deposit.

  • Republic of Guyana - March 1991

    – Evaluation of an alluvial diamond and gold deposit located on the Mazaruni River in the Roraima Formation, 300 km south of Georgetown.


  • Integra Gold Corp. (Lamaque Gold Eldorado) property Lamaque South - 2008 to 2017

    – Planning, organization and supervision of exploration programs and surface definition drilling with QA – QC Protocol followed by technical work and NI 43-101 Lamaque South reports. Geologica played a role in the identification and discovery of Triangle Zone Deposit and of several other mineralized occurrences on the Lamaque South property.

  • Over the past 33 years, Geologica Inc. has been the basis of the discovery:

    – Geologica Inc. has been the basis of the discovery as well as the definition and validation of several occurences of precious and base metals, mineralized zones and deposits in the Abitibi region, such as:

    ► Gonzague-Langlois silver and zinc deposit VMS, Grevet B, Grevet M, Orpheus and 97 Zone lenzes.
    ► Fayolle gold deposit.
    ► Lamaque South (Triangle area) gold deposit.

  • Exploration projects

    –more recently we also participated in explorations of the junior exploration companies projects:

  • Alexandria Minerals Corporation: Akasaba (2013), Sleepy lake Projects (2014), Watchishou (2015), Orenada (2008-2009 ) and Gwillim (2005 ) (Au)
  • Axe Exploration Inc.: Goldpeak Project (2014) (Au)
  • Beaufield Resources: Urban (Lac Rouleau) (2016-2018), Tortigny (208-2017), Troilus (2008-2018) and Opinaca (2005-2007) Projects (Au)
  • Bontera Resources: Urban-Barry (2010-2011) Projects (Au)
  • Cartier Resources Inc.: Kinojévis Project (2009-2010) (Au)
  • Genesis Metals Ltd.: Chevrier Project (2017) (Au)
  • International Prospect Ventures: Procupine Miracle Project (2017) (Au)
  • LaSalle Exploration Corp.: Radisson (Au, Cu, Ni) (2015-2017), Desbar (2013) (Au), Montbray (2012) (Au) Projects
  • Mines d’or Dynacor: Tumipampa Project (2016-2017) (Au)
  • Monarques Gold Corp: McKenzie Break Project (2018) (Au)
  • Nyrstar: Mine Langlois (2016) Project
  • Probe Metals Inc.: Val-d’Or East (2017) Project
  • Ressources Jessie Inc.: Joe Mann Gold Mine Project (2011-2017) (Au)
  • Melkior Resources Inc.: Launay Project (2014-2017) (Au)
  • Rogue Resources Inc.: Lac-des-Martes Property (2014-2016) (silice)
  • Seafield Exploration LTD.: Lac Labrie Property (2014-2016) (Au)
  • Soquem Inc.: Roger_2106 (Mop-2 deposit) Project (2018) (Au, Cu, Mo)
  • Typhon Exploration Inc.: Fayolle (2003-2015) and Monexco Projects (2016-2018) (Au)
  • Urbana Corporation: Urban Township Project (2018) (Au)
  • Waswanipi Cree First Nation: Compilation maps and Trap Lines maps (2010-2018) (Au)
  • Weminji Exploration Inc.: James-Bay Region Project (2012-2017) (Au)