Joyce Lake / Century Iron Ore (Fer)

project posted:

The Joyce Lake Iron DSO Project is part of the Attikamen iron belt which overlaps the boundary limit between the Province of Quebec and Labrador (Newfoundland). The Joyce lake Iron Project is underlain by the Sokoman Formation which is characterized by recrystallized cherts, jasper with disseminations and bands of magnetite, hematite, martite (which is a pseudomorph of hematite) and some specularite. Other gangue minerals consist of iron silicates such as minnesotaite, pyrolusite, stilpnomelane and iron carbonate such as siderite.

In 2014-2015 the mineral resources were estimated at:
► Resources Measured and Indicated categories: 24,29 Mtonnes at 58.55% Fe;
► Resources Inferred Category: 840,000 tonnes at 62.00% Fe.
► Reserves Measured and Indicated categories: 17,72 Mtonnes at 59.71% Fe.

Joyce Lake DSO is the more advance project of Century Iron Ore. In April 2015, a study for an open pit mine was takin into consideration.

Geologica was involved with Century Iron Ore in the early stage by completing a geoscientific compilation which lead to the identification and the discovery of new zones.

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