Hope Advance/ Oceanic Iron Ore (Fer)

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Oceanic Iron Ore concentrates its efforts on the Hopes Advance, Morgan Lake and Robert Lake iron projects, which extend over more than 1,568 square kilometers along the Northern extension of the Labrador Through in the Nunavik Region, north of Québec. The iron deposits line up along a distance of approximately 300 kilometers and are located from 20 to 50 kilometers from the coast.

The Proven and Probable Reserves of the Hopes Advance Project are:

► Proven reserves:  763,276,000 tonnes at 32.3% Fe with 37.4% recovery  for a 285,428,000 concentrate tonnes.
Probable reserves: 595,990,000 tonnes at 32.1% Fe with 37.1% recovery  for a 221,246,000 concentrate tonnes.

►Total Proven and Probable reserves 1,359,266,000 tonnes at 32.2% Fe with a recovery of 37.3% which makes a concentrate of 506,675,000 tonnes of Fe.

An Open Pit project as been condisered.

Geologica was involved with geoscientific compilation of the general area metallogeny.

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